Talks - The Marine Resources Community Talks comprise a series of monthly webinars given by collaborators and guest experts.

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The Marine Metagenomics Community of was established at the beginning of the project to mirror the European-wide ELIXIR Community of the same name. In 2021, the ELIXIR community will officially be reconfigured as the Microbiome Community to provide greater inclusivity to other domains, besides those of the marine environment. The Microbiome Community will follow this direction, while the Marine Resources Community (MRC) will support those working in the marine environment. The MRC provides support, services and a forum for interaction among researchers and data analysts in the marine domain. These activities generally pivot about the analyses of long-term observational and ecological data, and the manipulation of genomic and genetic sequence data. The community hosts a HPC computing infrastructure and on-demand access to virtual machines, and provides hosting of web-services for projects. The MRC can also provide bioinformatics expertise and advice to researchers with respect to the design and interpretation of experiments and the choice and usage of software. In this talk, we will outline the resources available to researchers in the community, give examples of some of the work accomplished, and describe in detail the motivation and design of SeaGrassDB, a database of phenotypic observations of sea-grasses.


- The Marine Resources Community - Register here: 

- December 10th 

- 5 pm WET

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