Bioinformatics Talks: What makes it challenging to establish a Federated EGA node? The experience of ELIXIR Norway Talks comprise a series of monthly webinars given by collaborators and guest experts.

About this Event

Kjell Petersen, ELIXIR Norway's Technical Coordinator, is one of the people involved in the implementation of Norway's local instance of the European Genome-Phenome Archive (EGA). Therefore, he will showcase the challenges associated with the establishment of a Federated EGA.

Molecular Bioinformatics

This course aims at providing theoretical and practical knowledge about the several bioinformatic tools commonly used in biological and health sciences research. The course has a strong "hands on" component and covers essential bioinformatics topics such as sequence databases and data retrieval, sequence alignment, nucleotide and protein sequence analysis to infer biological functions, primer and siRNA design, gene ontology search, and multiple databases query for nucleic acid and protein sequence analysis.