Crash Courses in Bioinformatics

Description Crash Courses in Bioinformatics is a program that offers introductory, one-day courses, to give participants an initial contact with subjects or concepts. Currently, there are two courses available:

  • Single-cell RNA-Seq analysis using a Seurat based graphical interface offers an introduction to differential gene expression analysis of medium-sized single-cell RNA-seq, teaching participants the basic concepts behind the technology, and following up with a practical application of these concepts through an easy-to-use web application.
  • Microbiome Visualization with Biome-Shiny guides participants through the DADA2 pipeline, to transform a training dataset into an ASV table. This dataset, after being run through the pipeline, is explored for its microbial composition and diversity through an R Shiny web application.
Life sciences researchers
1 day
Ricardo Leite
EDAM Topic